Monday, 30 December 2013

Ring out the old

Feeling down and out as the old year is waning . . .
what is so jubilous about another second in the moment of this ageless wandering?
will this flitting moment all of a sudden in the nick of time erase the tremor of my soul?
will this changeover bring a makeover from nothingness to fulfillment?

Why should this one moment of time be Pricier than the next moment?

Can i not look forward to the next moment to be that big one that will bring the ultimate CHANGE!


  1. I remember having read an old poem on New Year. In short it says; New year brings nothing new; the world moves but does not progress.

    However, any celebration, be it New Year or a birthday, recharges us and lifts up our spirits.

    A belated Happy New Year!

  2. We should always look ahead :-)