Friday, 4 November 2011


The twitching ears
The snapping fingers
As if in fears
This youth lingers

Unkempt, unwashed locks
A head that suddenly cocks
As if in anticipation
Of some dreadful news’ dissemination

Oh lord! What a disastrous sight!
Poor youngsters ere they were alright.
Is it stress? Parental pressure?
Some grievous strain beyond measure?
Is it unrequited love?
O sheer poverty sent from above?

Now yelling and shouting,
Then suddenly crooning, whispering nothing,
Hurling out abuses to unseen intangible voices,
Shell shocked souls making incredible noises.

Oh cursed be me that didn’t notice those earplugs
That are responsible for making them these slugs
It is that serpentine creature
That is degenerating the generation’s auditory feature.

These Adams and Eves have gone technological
This chimerical cell has turned them hysterical
Making them swirl in its muted addiction
Numbing their senses in games of self deception.

Engulfing them in jabbering futility
Orphaning them of sense and sensibility
Trapping them in babbling infinity.

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